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Barrington maidsLifeís too short to clean your own home. We know youíre busy with a packed schedule and multiple responsibilities. So, keeping your home clean doesnít have to be on your to-do list. Trust Maids On Time Maid Service and Cleaning Company to clean and maintain your Barrington home using our time-tested cleaning solutions. Itís a system perfected by more than a million cleans, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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Our Barrington maids are tough enough to scrub exposed brick, yet tender enough to feather dust delicate blinds and antiques and everything in between. From washing and waxing hardwood or vinyl floors to dusting crowded bookshelves, Barrington maids get the job done right! Every room is left spotless as we vacuum carpeting, furniture, and stairwells. Your bathroom fixtures, floor, and tile will sparkle. Those dirty dishes will soon disappear.

Barrington Party Planning

Maids on Time also offers party planning and implementation services. Let Barrington Maids help plan your next party! We help prepare, serve, and clean up once the party's over. Our Barrington maids have years of experience.

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